About Us


Family at the heart

"Our story is simple," says Jodie Bernarde, founding partner of 612 Network. "We built a business based on trust and commitment. These values are at the core of our family and are shared with our employees and customers."

Since 1998, 612 Network has been delivering on that promise by providing quality Managed IT uniquely tailored to the size/needs of each individual customer.


Reinvest, reinvent. Always.

As information technology advances, so do we. We continually invest in our infrastructure so that we can be at the top of our game. And so can you.

When 612 Network opened its doors in 1998, the goal was to build a technology company on a foundation of trust, and fuel it with an unwavering commitment to our clients. Because we are family owned, we constantly reinvest in our business, and reinvent ourselves to remain state-of-the-art within an ever changing industry.
We are a nine person company, with 35+ clients, and believe we build upon a bedrock of family values with the industry’s most talented engineers, as well as the most advanced IT solutions.
• Our Team of Engineers. Our engineering staff is at the heart of our organization. Each member of the engineering team has been carefully selected, is compensated above industry standards, and has an extended work history with us. Together they represent expertise in all the basic IT technologies, and have a sense of collaborative glue that we believe results in the highest levels of productivity. Moreover, they are always available. Our industry has been plagued by answering machines and untrained help desk associates. We’ve eliminated both. In their place, we’ve built an industry-leading customer service platform. Every customer is provided direct, cell phone access to their primary technician, as well as backup technician. And a seasoned engineer is always available at our office to answer your call. Your business should never be on pause waiting for a response from your Managed IT provider.
• Our Technology. Our collective capabilities encompass all aspects of a client’s technology needs. Whether its internet connectivity, operating data base issues, hardware or software, our team is ready. Constant training and education keep our team grounded in all the key technologies and products including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Apple, Linux, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Symantec, and more. At 612 Network we believe we deliver Managed IT solutions with unrivaled value.
• Simplify and Review. One of 612 Network’s most important Managed IT mantras is “Simplify, Simplify, Simply”—because after 20 years we know that doing so makes the network easier to manage, more reliable and robust, and thus more cost effective to operate. A second mantra, relating to Managed IT’s monitoring and surveillance function, is “Review, Review, Review.” With great care, we constantly review tracking data, so that you need never worry about IT problems that have hidden within the interior of your network—but that have not as yet surfaced.
• Company Culture—Uniform Quality Throughout. Clients who come to us often say that they were not satisfied with the previous IT company providing their service—but they overlooked that dissatisfaction because of their comfort with the individual technician assigned to their account. We never receive this kind of negative feedback, because our total company services are no less important to us than the performance of each individual technician. We pride ourselves on a commitment to having a culture where unremitting excellence is uniform across all 612 Network services and solutions, people and technology. Over 20 years, our dedication to helping businesses grow and thrive – with unmatched responsiveness and personalization – is illustrated in our “How We Work” case studies. As we have grown, our devotion to creating exceptional results for our clients is the natural outcome of promoting a culture of genuine, rewarding experiences for all our stakeholders.
• Data Backups. Data Backup is copying and archiving your data—from data bases, folders, files, photos, images, email, and more. Clients often ask us if they should back up data onsite or offsite. We believe this is rarely an either/or question. A combination of both onsite and offsite Data Backup strategies typically gives the best outcome. At 612 Network, we’ve yet to find an adequate one-size-fits-all backup solution. Business is simply too complex and varied.
• Data Restoration. In recommending a Data Backup solution, 612 Network gives considerable attention to the ease and length of time required to restore the data, once misplaced or lost. This varies from client to client, and the importance of the specific information being backed up. We work hard to insure that our clients understand that the data restoration process is as critical a variable as the surface feature sophistication of the specific Backup solution.
• Administration. Another element essential to optimal IT support is a vendor’s administrative proficiency. This includes not only specific tasks such as license and maintenance renewals, but all the aspects of superior administrative support—invoicing, hardware seller pricing discounts, maintaining strong relationship agreements with ISPs, telecommunications providers, etc.
• Managed IT Monitoring. Many vendors receive network monitoring data, but, again, the important factor is what they do with it. We stated it earlier, but feel it bears repeating: as far as we know, no one more carefully and consistently scrutinizes the monitoring data provided by a Managed IT platform than 612 Network. The establishment of backup protocols is important, of course, but it has little impact if the information being provided isn’t diligently evaluated and acted on. Our clients tell us they know we unfailingly execute this part of the backup strategy. It gives them a “special level of confidence.”
• Being Held Hostage. Most IT vendors “hold you hostage” by requiring that you sign annual contracts. We don’t. We believe that it’s our responsibility to prove ourselves to you every day.

With a sense of individual pride and company spirit,
we begin each day with a renewed belief in proving our mettle. After all, we give our best so your business can perform at its best.


They get a 5-star rating from me! They never let me down.

Susan G., Finance & Accounting

Outstanding technical support service.

Paul Q., Transportation