Cloud Services

Our Virtual Private Cloud model provides private IT infrastructure for individual clients at our Data Center—one of the most sophisticated, powerful and secure facilities of its type. It has been designed and constructed to provide a complete range of hosting, colocation and managed-service options—affording business continuity, disaster avoidance and disaster recovery solutions.

Virtualizing your physical servers, our Data Center houses not only servers and associated components, but telecommunications and storage systems as well. It includes redundant or backup power supplies, fail-over protection, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. The main purpose of a Data Center is running the applications that handle an organization’s core business and operational information.

Our Cloud services are an affordable way to build scalability into your organization’s technology systems. 612 Network provides your business with the hardware, software, and data backup you need to keep your business running smoothly. The benefits of our Cloud services include:
• No internal client IT expertise required
• No upfront capital expenditure
• On demand scalability
• More time to focus on your core business objectives

By joining with 612 Network’s Cloud services, you will receive personalized, expert attention paid to your systems 24/7. We customize each Cloud service to best integrate with operating systems, computers, servers, and ancillary hardware. Whether you’re already operating in the Cloud and looking to optimize your IT infrastructure, or ready to move to 612 Network’s support for Cloud services, our team is ready to make the transition simple and seamless. Integrating to the Cloud means your business can reap the rewards larger competitors may already be enjoying.

Flexibility. Cloud services allows you and your team to work anywhere at any time. Your staff is no longer tied to their desks, computers, or even their office. This promotes a flexible workplace where productivity can skyrocket.

Team Focus. Collaboration becomes a breeze in the Cloud. Cloud based workflow solutions and file sharing programs can be implemented to allow your teams to work easily and effectively with one another. Real time updates and project visibility speed up your projects, reduce down time, and improve customer service.

Maximizing profits. Cloud services help provide predictability and consistency to your company’s bottom line—by reducing costly onsite equipment expenses, as well as funds previously set aside for no longer necessary IT capital investments.