Data Backup

Your business and client files are the heartbeat of your business. If any of the files were to be misplaced or lost, it would significantly cripple your operations. 612 Network’s Data Backup plans assure you that safe and secure copies or replication of your critical data always exists. You have access to this information at any time, from anywhere. We help you select which files to backup and the frequency of the backup process. In the event of a server crash, natural disaster, or system compromise, your backed-up files are safe.

Data Backup is copying and archiving your data—from data bases, folders, files, photos, images, email, and more. The purpose is to be able to restore anything you would need in the case of a loss. Clients often ask us if they should back up data onsite or offsite. We believe this is rarely an either/or question. A combination of both onsite and offsite Data Backup strategies is typically the best solution.

Data Restoration. In recommending a Data Backup solution, 612 Network gives considerable attention to the ease and length of time required to restore the data, once misplaced or lost. This varies from client to client, and the importance of the specific information being backed up. We work hard to insure that our clients understand that the data restoration process is a critical variable in determining the best Data Backup strategy.

Also, some clients have a preference for backing up everything. They wish to back up their whole computer, all files, folders, images, email, settings. Other companies only choose to back up what they consider to be critical files and records. Thus, in a nutshell, there are many questions to ask:
• What data should be backed up?
• Do I need to compress data?
• Do I ever backup everything?
• Where do I store my backups?

At 612 Network, we’ve yet to find an adequate one-size-fits-all backup solution. Business is simply too complex and varied.

The feedback we get from our clients regarding 612 Network’s Data Backup efforts often highlights these benefits:

• Working With Professionals: When you work with 612 Network, your company has access to a unique group of data protection specialists.
• Cost Savings: Compared to investing in unneeded infrastructure, our clients have found that 612 Network’s Data Backup Solutions are cost saving and value adding.
• Constant Monitoring: The establishment of backup protocols is important, of course, but it has little impact if the information being provided isn’t diligently evaluated. Our clients tell us they know we unfailingly execute this part of the backup strategy. It gives them a “special level of confidence.”