Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, you need to know that Business Continuity Strategies are in place to keep your business up and running. 612 Network offers customized recovery solutions to protect your data from unexpected disasters.

When disasters happen, your business and your personal life are affected. You want to make sure that your company is prepared for emergencies of all kinds, from natural disasters to equipment malfunctions to malware attacks. You want to have an actionable Business Continuity Strategy, should the unthinkable occur.

Preparing for a physical disaster can be as simple as creating emergency evacuation routes, investing in storm windows and secure doors. When it comes to the technology side of things, though, your Business Continuity Strategy can be a little more complicated.

Your Business Continuity Strategy must encompass all the components of your business documents, customer information, financial information, and other data that might be compromised by natural and man-made disasters that occur with little to no warning.

We focus on three overall stages within a good Business Continuity Strategy:
• Identifying and formalizing a precise set of loss prevention standards.
• Determining algorithms for detecting how and when your systems might be compromised.
• Establishing precise corrective measures designed to restore your business systems’ functionality in a timely fashion.

612 Network has prepared its clients for the worst, by diversifying their security strategies and streamlining their policies to make them more customized, efficient, and effective. Our disaster protocols include considerations for hardware, software, network infrastructure, procedures, and individuals who will be involved in emergency measures.

In summary, since no two businesses are alike, 612 Network specializes in creating unique Business Continuity Strategies to address a wide variety of potential disaster events—as well as then implementing regular changes and updates, and testing such implementation.