How We Work

The following 15 case studies are a sampling of the “perfect fit” situations we have encountered over the last 20+ years.  They reflect, we believe, our understanding of how each client’s state of affairs is unique, and must be approached accordingly.

it services for health careWe have always been an IT business specialist, but the challenges we’ve confronted often go beyond exclusively IT issues.  Information Technology is so integral to a client’s entire business, that our expertise more often than not applies throughout a company’s functional areas.

A “perfect fit” has many aspects—financial, cultural, and perhaps most importantly, a commitment from both parties to attaining the client’s unique vision for “IT Excellence.”

The format for all case studies is the same—to describe the situation facing the client, and then a reporting on the outcome. We work with companies in a variety of different industries, so we will present specific case studies by industry.

Construction Industry

Financial Industry

Health and Medical Industry

Legal Services

Manufacturing Industry

Marketing Industry

Retail & Wholesale Industry