Microsoft Office 365 for Businesses

There has been a lot of buzz about Office 365. You may even have explored some of the tools and features, and are now wondering if Office 365 would be a good additional IT solution for your small business. Let us help you decide if the answer is yes, because we believe that 612 Network’s support for Office 365 can help your employees work together in new and more efficient ways. Our clients even tell us that Office 365 is more than just a set of tools—“It’s a new way of working.” Office 365 is a best-in-class productivity solution that allows you to work and collaborate anywhere on favorite devices (including iOS and Android) with trusted applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook powered by business class e-mail. With Office 365, you can host and join meetings and securely store and access your documents whenever you want.

Synergy. With Office 365, people achieve more by working together, each bringing their own set of unique talents. When you use Office 365, email, calendar and contacts are all synchronized to work together. Update a contact on your mobile phone and it will be automatically updated across all your devices. With analytics and intelligence at its core, Office 365 also gives you the insights and assistance you need to do your best work every day.

On The Go. With a seamless experience across your devices, Office 365 grants you the ability to get more done wherever work takes you—with the best set of productivity tools. Office 365 applications let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real time.

Productivity Tools. You can work on a document at home, edit it using your smartphone, and finalize the details at an office workstation. Personalize your business with customized marketing materials. Connect better with clients and coworkers through communication tools that include social networking and video conferencing.

Too Much Information. Some of us can’t avoid the temptation to store all our email messages in our inboxes. 612 Network’s clients often give us feedback that they have good intentions about cleaning out their inboxes, but too often fail to follow through. Office 365 makes the email storage process much less daunting—with 50GB of email storage space.

No More Licensing Mayhem. Sorting out software licenses can result in a real migraine. 612 Network takes care of that with Office 365. One employee might be using one software version, another employee an upgraded version. This can create enormous licensing confusion, but with the help of Office 365, 612 Network minimizes the burden.

Being Held Hostage. With 612 Network’s support for Office 365, you’re not locked into a contract and you can change plans at any time. And since upfront costs aren’t an issue, monthly budgeting is simplified.

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