Managed IT

With our Managed IT Service, 612 Network corrects your issues before they become real problems. We monitor your PCs, servers, networked equipment (switches, firewalls, access points, printers and other devices), and critical services (SQL, Exchange, Backups and Virus scans). 612 Network offers fast and reliable Managed IT for business owners and managers in the Twin Cities. We provide a broad selection of Managed IT services—you can think of us as your one-stop company for all things IT related. Whether in person or remotely, our highly trained and certified engineers fix small problems before they become large ones.

The first part of our engagement with a new client invariably involves simplifying their network. Typically, over time, one so-called network “enhancement” has been added to another, creating unnecessary complications. An analogy may be a patient being prescribed so many medications, by multiple physicians, that eventually adverse interconnected reactions occur.

Computer monitoring and surveillance tools have been developed in recent years that track both the history and trends of networked devices—improving client productivity. Industry surveys, as well as our own experiences, show that typical small business I.T. related downtime/lost productivity costs average more than $1,000/month. Individual incidents may even be measured in days (data drives corrupted and filled up—a single computer virus that brings down the entire network). Furthermore, Managed IT programs typically cut remote/onsite hours by 20% to 40%.

Comprehensive 24/7 network monitoring has increasingly become a cornerstone of 612 Network’s I.T. support services. We continuously review each client’s monitoring reports—as part of our proactive/preventive maintenance approach. Issues identified are resolved automatically, or by our remote/onsite technical team. There are several security reasons why your company should consider 612 Network’s Managed IT. Companies both large and small face more cyber threats each day. If you aren’t monitoring your network correctly, you are not only risking the exposure of your company’s important data, but you are also putting your customers at risk for identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Our IT specialists can help you meet compliance regulations. If your business handles any type of medical information, financial, or trading documents for your customers, you need this extra layer of security to ensure their private files remain confidential.

One of 612 Network’s most important mantras is “Simplify, Simplify, Simply” your Managed IT network—to make it easier to administer, more reliable and robust, and thus more cost effective to operate. A second mantra is “Review, Review, Review” the results from the monitoring and surveillance that tracks the history and trends of all critical network devices. With great care, we constantly review that tracking data, so that you need never worry about IT problems as yet unidentified within the hidden interior of your network— but that have not as yet surfaced.

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