1How long has 612 Network been in business?
20 years. We purchased the company in 2002 but it was founded in 1998.
2How many employees do they have?
We have 9 employees, including 6 consulting and daily operating/maintenance engineers. Our team is absolutely committed to values of teamwork; maintaining employee passion and commitment; straight talk; and accountability.
3How many clients do they have?
35 plus, representing all segments of business: construction, retail/wholesale, health and medical, distribution, financial services, law offices, manufacturing, and marketing services. Most of our clients have between 10 to upwards of 200 PCs. But most importantly, 612 Network looks for what we call a “perfect fit”—that is, a client who shares our passion to devise, establish, and fund “IT excellence,” as it is defined in their business segment.
4How are they ranked in the industry?
Within the Twin Cities small/midsize business community, 612 Network is a market-share-leading, top tier IT provider—rated #1 in customer satisfaction.
5In general terms, what do they do…how do they operate?
The best way to understand what we do is to review the “How We Work” section on our website, where you can read 15 different case studies. Briefly, we are an MSP, or Managed Services Provider, acting as a client’s IT department. We have evidence that no I.T. vendor serving small/midsize businesses in the Twin Cities has greater hardware infrastructure state-of-the-art capabilities. It’s no exaggeration to say that we “do it all:” virtual servers, security, disaster recovery, remote access, data center storage and services, wireless connectivity, and more.
6How much does 612 Network’s services cost…what’s their pricing like?
Research and surveys have shown that no one is more competitively priced, providing better IT value in the Twin Cities, than 612 Network. Our Managed IT programs are the most cost effective in the industry, tailored to individual client needs and priced accordingly. Moreover, 612 Network has no “extra” costs—travel, after hours work, emergency-response-pricing, etc. We keep our pricing simple and customer friendly—and would very much invite you to price compare.
7What do clients often report as perhaps their major IT concern?
They say that they feel overwhelmed, too frequently, by the complexity of IT choices. 612 Network believes that sorting through that complexity, making it simple and understandable, is one of our greatest strengths.
8Will they save me money?
We have documentation proving we will save clients, on average, 20% to 40% versus their previous vendor or internal IT staffing costs. See the “How We Work” section on our website for multiple examples.
9What technologies do they offer?
Our staff of 6 engineers is both knowledgeable and experienced in all key technologies and products. But experience has taught 612 Network that nothing is more important to creating a computer network that is…easier to manage…more reliable and robust…and thus more cost effective to operate—than network configuration simplicity.
10What sets them apart?
We describe three core assets: 20 years of experience; exclusive focus on the Twin Cities small/midsize business market; and family ownership values of long term strategic perspective and extended service, loyal employees.
11What exactly is the benefit of their family ownership?
612 Network’s family and long-term employees reflect a core commitment to business sustainability—not just making as much money as we can from one year to the next. We are much more “investment” than “cash flow” oriented. That is, our priority is to build value and equity in their business, investing in people and leading edge technology.
12Are they a so-called one stop shop…can they handle all my digital related needs?
We can recommend, and have partnership relationships with, the most compatible ISP, phones/telephony, copiers, and wiring circuity providers. We have been called the “go to” small business IT consulting experts regarding everything digital in the Twin Cities.
13How responsive are they?
We have built an industry leading customer service platform, including providing every client with direct contact access to their primary technician, backup engineer, vice president of technology, and company president. 612 Network gets to know up-close-and-personal its clients' management and employees. Successful IT support is as much about good client-vendor communication as it is about having expensive, leading edge computer equipment.
14Do they handle Data Backups?
Of course, but where we separate ourselves is giving attention not just to the surface bells and whistles of a specific Backup solution to saving lost information—but the often more critical factor of ease and length of time required to restore that information.
15Do you need to sign a contract with 612 Network?
No. This too sets us apart. Most IT vendors “hold you hostage” by requiring that you sign annual contracts. 612 Network believes that it’s our responsibility to prove ourselves to clients every day.
16Do they provide Disaster Recovery?
612 Network offers Business Continuity Strategies and customized recovery solutions to protect data from unexpected disasters. Our Network Security Services offer the strongest possible protection against viruses, hackers, and ransomware.
17I hear a lot about Office 365…is it a part of 612 Network’s portfolio?
612 Network believes that Office 365 is one of the best IT solutions available to most small businesses. Our clients tell us that it’s more than just a set of tools—"It’s a new way of working.”
18Hipaa and PCI compliance?
We have considerable experience with clients in both areas. Again, see the “How We Work” section of our website.
612 Network has a solid understanding of most all industry software operating systems. Most often, clients ask us to directly interface with their software vendor.
20What’s employee turnover like?
612 Network has amongst the lowest turnover ratios in the industry. Our engineers have been with us a minimum of two years, and thus provide superior client knowledge and continuity. Too often we hear the criticism from new customers that past vendors were “like a revolving door”—with technicians coming and going, leaving the client even uncertain as to whom to call for help. At 612 Network, that never happens.
21Does 612 Network provide leasing options?
Yes. We offer clients the opportunity to make smaller leasing payments over time, rather than having to commit to a larger lump sum outlay up front. Leasing provides optimum flexibility, with options including: 100% financing with no money down, payment structures that match a client’s cash flows, and customized solutions to meet specific needs.
22Are their engineers certified?
Yes. We have multiple certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Unix, Citrix, Comptia, and Apple.