Legal Services

Review our case study from one of our legal services clients:


Several attorneys, with limited knowledge of IT in one of the Twin Cities’ larger law firms, decided to break away and start their own firm.  The partners in the new firm conducted a thorough search before selecting 612 Network.  We oversaw the building of their entire digital network—including hiring and supervising office wiring, ISP and phone system installation, and managing the interface with their industry’s major software provider.


The law firm has flourished since its startup, already moving to a larger office.  Early on, 612 Network was tested by a “ransomware” attack, a form of malware whereby rogue software code is imbedded in the user’s IT network.  This holds the network hostage until a ransom fee is paid, typically in the form of bitcoin currency. In some ways fortunate, the attack occurred on a Friday, and we were able to “unfreeze” the system by the beginning of work the following Monday.

This required 612 Network’s 24 hour-a-day attention—in order to make successful contact with the hacker, secure a reliable Twin Cities’ bitcoin supplier, and finally negotiate a modest payment.  One of the law firm’s partners expressed his appreciation for our all-hands-on-deck response by saying, “We had heard that companies could actually be put out of business by a ransomware attack.  It was remarkable to us that we emerged from the incident unscathed.  To our way of thinking, 612 Network is as good as you’ll get.”