Financial Industry

Review our case studies for IT management for one of our clients in the financial industry:


The client is a new competitor in the demanding financial services industry.  Management is made up of smart but admittedly inexperienced entrepreneurs.  The hectic, stressful nature of their workplace, plus their new-comer status, represents a challenge for any IT provider.  612 Network embraced a partnership with the client because both sides seemed to have the determination and money to make long term success likely.  There was a clear-eyed understanding that the journey would not be easy, however.


After two years, the client is well on its way to expanding from one to four Twin Cities’ offices.  Our first major project was to terminate their expensive all-in-one hosted solution, to be replaced by cloud based Office 365, Sharepoint, and Salesforce CRM—at about a 75% savings.  As a member of the management team explains, “We know that we can often be a difficult client to work with, but 612 Network seems to understand that it has mostly been due to our start-up situation—and always responds to us immediately when we cry for help.  I’d say that patience is just one of their many virtues.”